Introducing 2 hilarious and educational products from Creative Dice:

Don't despair about your complicated car, truck or van problems... just roll the Diagnostic Dice. Hilarious and even educational.

Diagnostic Dice is a new novelty product from Creative Dice™ that has mechanics laughing and learning from coast to coast! These simple but very entertaining dice offer diagnostic solutions to your vehicle repair nightmares and are the brainchild of a professional mechanic in California who made up the first set as a gag for some friends. The Diagnostic Dice generated such an incredible amount of interest that he decided to have professional quality dice made up and offer them for sale to the public. Since then over 16,000 sets of Diagnostic Dice have been sold. Buy a set for your significant other who's always tinkering with the family car, boat, truck or van.
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"The last time my husband 'fixed' our car we had to have it towed to the shop. When I saw Diagnostic Dice I really cracked up. My husband got a big kick out of it too. He's bought a bunch for his friends."
—Maureen Armstrong
Auto RepairShop Office Manager, Wisconsin

Most guys just don't have a clue what to do when they're in trouble with their wives or girlfriends. Finally the Doghouse Dice are here to help you.

Doghouse Dice is our newest product for men who find themselves frequently in trouble with their wives or girlfriends. The Doghouse Dice is a product for all the brave souls who sail the sometimes stormy seas of Marriage or other Serious Relationships. Problems with your wife or girlfriend got you down? Forgotten your Anniversary or her Birthday and now the storm clouds are gathering, and you don't really know what to do? Don't panic! The Doghouse Dice will help you chart your way through these troubled waters. These dice are the perfect gift for any guy who has blundered into, and now wants to get OUT of the doghouse.
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"After 30 years I still find marriage as complex as making fine wine. Thanks to Doghouse Dice at least the marriage part of the equation has been simplified... a little."
—Joe Hart
Founder & Owner of Hart Winery
Temecula, California

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