One of the best new novelty gifts to hit the market in many years—both funny and educational!
Introducing Diagnostic Dice
— the perfect gift for frustrated mechanics. While we don't expect these dice to solve your vehicle problems every time, they can actually lead mechanics, especially novices, toward the possibility of a solution. Even the most seasoned professional mechanic will get a big laugh, maybe more, out of the Diagnostic Dice. Whether he tinkers with his own car in the back yard, or repairs automobiles professionally, your favorite mechanic will get a much needed laugh and some good advice out of Diagnostic Dice.

These dice are manufactured out of durable high-impact plastic and will provide years of laughter and wisdom to your favorite mechanic. The 5 dice come in a sturdy and colorful box measuring 6.25" x 3.25" x 3.25", perfect as a stocking stuffer, birthday present or anytime gift.

Diagnostic Dice—Roll the right color for the situation you're facing with your vehicle:

Roll the red die when your engine won't start:
It could be a problem with your timing belt, battery, fuel pump or relay, ignition module or your crank/cam angle sensor. Roll the die and check out what comes up — what have you got to lose?
Roll the orange die when your engine idles roughly
It may be a vacuum leak, something wrong with the injector valves, spark plugs, the ignition coil, plug wires or the distributor cap. Take a look — it may lead to a solution.
Roll the blue die when the engine is overheating
Could be you need a new head gasket or as simple as a busted thermostat? It may also be something wrong with the temperature sensor or gauge, the water pump, a faulty radiator or an improperly seated or leaky radiator cap. It could save you from a seized engine!
Roll the yellow die when you have no power
Is the ignition coil damaged, or it could be low fuel pressure? It could also be the mass/map sensor, the transmission, knock sensor or even restricted exhaust. One of these could be exactly what your problem is!
Roll the green die when you're reluctantly facing the worst case scenario
Bite the bullet and roll. Do you need a new engine? Is your catalytic converter shot? Possibly it's your wiring harness, a new head gasket, a new transmission or control unit. Any of these could be the culprit.

The gift that helps guys keep out of trouble with the women in their lives (at least a bit less)
What is even more complex than today's ultra-sophisticated automobiles? Your Wife or your serious Girl Friend, of course! The average guy dealing with his wife or girlfriend can wind up just as befuddled as a professional repair tech struggling with an electronics problem on a late model car. Sometimes you just have to roll the dice! The Doghouse dice offer genuine solutions to real life dilemmas. And ladies, consider the old saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Give your man a set of Doghouse Dice and he just might employ some of these charming solutions BEFORE he finds himself in trouble!

The Doghouse Dice are made of high-impact plastic that will last for years, giving your man a chance to learn a thing or two if he sticks at it long enough. Maybe you should buy him 2 sets. The 5 dice come in a sturdy and colorful box measuring 6.25" x 3.25" x 3.25", perfect as a stocking stuffer, birthday present or anytime gift.

Doghouse Dice—Keep these handy for all the many times you screw up:
Did you let your anniversary or her birthday slip by without even a card?
Yikes! It's time to roll the red-brown "Make It Up to Her" die to make up for lost time and let her know she's important to you.
Spending too much time watching sports or with your buddies? Roll the light blue "Pay Attention to Her" die for ideas on how to get back in her good books.
Got the "evil eye" after looking at another woman?
Quick! Roll the green "You're Busted" die instead of saying something stupid or trying to defend your self (which never works). Don't be lost for ideas.
Does she complain that you never help out around the house?
You'd better roll the yellow-brown "Get Busy" die for suggestions on how you can win points in your favor. This is especially helpful when you want to purchase something expensive for yourself.
Is she about to blow up but you don't have a clue why?
It's time to roll the dark blue "PMS" die—but NEVER EVER tell your lady you think she has PMS unless you want to make the doghouse your permanent residence.

—Mr. Romero Cole, Auto Mechanic, Nevada.
"Diagnostic Dice has become part of our language here at Import Autoworks. Whenever we get some wierd problem car that's fighting us we say, 'Time to roll the dice!' It's just a joke but it helps us relax."

—Mr. Tony Wren of Temecula, California, a Lay Marriage Counselor for Christian Couples.
“This a great tension-breaker. They're funny — but these really are typical marriage problems, and the solutions are right on. They have helped immensely in my couseling sessions.”

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